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A flight attendant
speaks out about 9/11

If you can't handle the truth ~
    Don't ask a flight attendant

"The Foremost
Authority on 9/11"

 A Flight Attendant's 9/11 Story.

The Methodical Series

Book One
Methodical Illusion
The glamourous life of an international flight attendant can be anything but, as Vera Hanson discovered the morning one of her crew members was found murdered in a Paris hotel room.  That morning began to put into focus some of the experiences of Vera’s thirty year airline career, which she had purposely been avoiding.  It caused her to look more deeply into the questions surrounding 9/11 that never made sense to a flight attendant, but that no one had seriously investigated.
Book Two 
Methodical Deception
In her first book she set out to discover what really happened to the planes, passenger and crew members. In this, her second book, Methodical Deception, she reconnects you with the characters Vera Hanson and Jim Bowman as they reveal the perpetrators of the planning and cover-up of the so-called terror attack.
Book Three
Methodical Conclusion
Fasten your seat belts as Methodical Conclusion takes you deeper into Rebekah’s research through a cast of characters from her previous books. Layer by layers, the members of the team delve into a terabyte of data and as they do, the book exposes to the reader a thrilling and exciting adventure that cannot be put down.
Book Four
Methodical Exposure
Book four will answer any remaining questions you might have about 9/11.  Who was behind this staged media event, when was it planned and where are the hijackers or those who pretended to be hijackers now?