Once again Rebekah Roth marshals her now familliar characters to expose hidden facts about 9/11.  The congressional hearings begin and witnesses are called to testify giving background into the patterns and motives of those who conspired to perpetrate that heinous event.  Drawing from her team of experts, now joined by eye-witnesses who have credible accounts to share, Rebekah keeps the reader spellbound as she unlocks secrets that were meant to stay hidden forever.

Combined with her other three books in the Methodical series there will be no doubt in the reader's mind as to who was responsible and how 9/11 was pulled-off.  The shocking ending of Methodical Exposure will leave you knowing that you have finally swallowed the red pill.  Once that occurs there will be no going back to the deception and illusion known as the official government story.

If you have listened to Rebekah's weekly podcasts or become a member at her website 'Behind the Galley Curtain.com', you know that she has become the foremost authority on 9/11.  Although she is not as public as she once was, primarily for her own safety, she exposes it all in this latest book. 

If you have always felt that you were lied to about 9/11, then you will want to read all of Rebekah Roth's work on the subject. Once you know the truth the question becomes 'where do we go from here?  Brace for impact!
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