​"Methodical Illusion is an important book. For the first time, it brings the inside knowledge of airline and FAA protocols of a 30-year flight attendant to bear on cutting the Gordian Know of two of the most difficultand disturbing unanswered questions of 9/11: What really happened to the planes and the passengers? It won't be long before you are inside Roth's character as they uncover and connect real dots and are forced to a shocking conclusion that may take us all a giant step closer to the truth."​​​
~ Barbara Honegger, former White House Policy Analyst & Dept. of Defense Sr Military Affairs Journalist 2000-2011

​"Of all the theories conveyed to me over the years, and of all the sometimes fanciful notions regarding everything from remote viewing of the set-up to directed energy fulfilling the mission, and however willing I may be and may have been to embrace certain aspects of them, the fact is Rebekah Roth's "Methodical Illusion" makes the most sense by a quantum leap. It is so powerful that I suspect a number of complicit par​ties are very worried that their "Methodical Illusion" is about to unravel and justice may at last be done."
​~ John B. Wells, Host, Caravan to Midnight

"Rebekah has written a thrilling book that is sure to be both entertaining and informative. She presents the salient facts of 9/11 in an intriguing and interesting way. Rebekah uses her knowledge of flight attendant procedure and does a brilliant job of unraveling the enigma of the cell phone calls, why, when and where they were made."
~ K.K. American Airlines Pilot (ret.)

"Masterfully written using an elusive yet perfect blend of intrigue and fact, Rebekah Roth offers a gripping account of indispensable factual details of the most horrifically historic event of our lifetimes. The events as seen and described through the eyes of a seasoned airline professional will certainly cause turbulence to your otherwise clear-air normalcy bias. It is very important history and elegantly written."
~ Douglas J. Hagmann, Host, The Hagmann & Hagmann

Reviews from  Amazon

 "If you have any lingering questions about the 9/11 terror attacks on the WTC, no publication offers more common sense answers from an alternative perspective than this book. Based on verifiable career experience of a long-time flight attendant's training with regard to FAA and airline mandatory procedures, this is an eye opening account. Unlike any other offered by the multitude of knowledgeable scientists, engineers, eye witnesses, surviving relatives and the 9/11 commission report, it is well-worth the read." ~ Top Wrench

"I find it refreshing to know that there are other people in America that are aware that the September 11th attack on America was not accomplished by a rag tag team of terrorist unable to fly a very basic Cessna 172 but somehow they were capable of flying sophisticated Boeing 767s with enough precision to hit a target that pilots with 30,000 hours of flight time could not do in a simulator.
This book is non-fiction wrapped in a novel. There is so much more written between the lines if you are willing to find it and understand what she is trying to say."
~ Michael L. Carr

Rebekah writes well - the book is a page turner - I read it cover to cover in one night.  She brings new insight into an aspect of 9/11 that has not been well understood until now ... Where did the Planes go ?

New evidence that she has found, since publishing this book, Methodical Illusion, her first on 9/11, has confirmed her conclusion that the planes that supposedly hit the towers actually landed at an Air Force base in eastern Massachusetts, 20 minutes out of Logan Airport in Boston where they took off, and that the infamous cell phone calls were made on the ground, just after the planes were forced to land there, likely by remote control, and shortly before most of the crew and passengers were then killed.

Her presentation is especially well suited for reading by people who have stayed away from all the 9/11 truther controversies and accepted the official story, more or less, until now. In order to accomplish that goal, it was of course essential that Rebekah not dredge through all the details that have so fascinated truthers (such as myself, for the last few years).

Rebekah is not an expert on all of what happened on that fateful day in September of 2001, nor was it necessary that she be so. She is an expert on what flight crews do in the air and how they handle such emergencies. This expertise was invaluable in guiding Rebekah to uncovering yet another critical aspect of 9/11. Another expertise of hers, which she no doubt found valuable in the air, is quickly and clearly engaging a wide sample of the general public in specific matters they need to know about.

Well done, Rebekah - thanks! ~ Paul Jackson